Jack Jagger Bomb

Jack Jagger Bomb 🦸💣

Jack Jagger is a hero 🦸‍ who collects all bombs in scene, preferably fire-bombs💣. Enemy robots and UFOs will persecute him trying to fail his purpose.

Available Versions on Android devices

There are 5 different stages in the world that will be repeated every 5 levels:

There are 100 levels to win. Try to achieve the best score to be the FIRST 👑 in the leaderboard.

There are 6 kind on enemies ðŸ›¸:

Astro-RobotAstro-robot: only appears on platforms. Runs randomly (doesn’t fly) but when falls in the lowest level platform becomes into another enemy.
SatelliteSatellite: bounces off the walls persecuting our hero vertically.
Ball StarshipBall Starship: bounces off the walls persecuting our hero horizontally.
UfoUFO: bounces off the walls and try to go upper. Randomly shoots laser to the bottom.
Bird StarshipBird Startship: locates our hero and attacks him going as fast as possible. Tries this every few seconds. If it collisions in a wall too fast, it will explode.
SpySpy Robot: persecutes our hero going directly to his position.

There are 4 kind of bonus 💎:

BonusBonus. Next winned points will be multiplied by x2, x3, x4 or x5. For each 20 levels, Bonus starts x2, x3, x4, x5 (levels 80 – 99) or x10 in level 100 (last one).
1 UpGets one extra life. Maximum 7.
Bomb BonusAutomatically collects all left bombs in a certain order (to collect fire-bombs💣), so you win the current level. Try not to die before it finishes.
P BonusEnemies will become temporally in coins. You can collect them, kill them and win many points at the same time. It appears when energy bar is full. All the rest of bonus appears randomly.